DHR thanks community for Christmas support

Published 2:35 pm Friday, December 18, 2020

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From Chilton County DHR

The Chilton community stepped up big time to make sure that Christmas for the 125 children in foster care will be as merry as possible.

“I was anxious that 2020 had been so hard for families and businesses financially and emotionally, that we would not be able to provide for the foster children’s Christmas as we have in the past,” Director Marilyn Colson shared.  “However, just the opposite has been true – we have had overwhelming support from individuals, families, organizations and businesses to meet their wishes.   All our children will be receiving their Christmas Wishes.”

The entire agency sends a huge thank you to the many who helped this year.  Colson also noted that the community support is also meaningful to all the staff at DHR.

“All of the workers and support staff work very hard to meet the needs of families and children,” she said.  “The workers feel valued and appreciated when the community shows this kind of support.”

However, Colson stated that what children really want, and need is to be safely home with their families.  When this is not possible, they all need a forever home where they can be loved, nurtured and taught to become healthy, happy and productive adults.  If anyone in the community is interested in being a foster and/or adoptive home, they may contact the agency at 205-258-4915.  A 10-week foster/adoptive parent class will begin in the spring of 2021.