Deeds transferred in Chilton County from Dec. 7 – Dec. 10

Published 5:21 pm Friday, December 18, 2020

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Dec. 7

-Keith Steven Parr to Adam Heath Gothard and Hailey P. Gothard, for $1, located Section 32, Township 23, Range 14.

-Estate of Herbert Latham by Steve Latham to Steve Latham, for $1, located Section 21, Township 22, Range 15.

-Tracey Dempsey and Shauna M. Dempsey to Christopher N. Chancellor, for $182,000, located lot 38 of Maplewood Garden Homes.

-Juan Pablo Lopez-Galvan and Efrain Lopez to Juan Pablo Lopez-Galvan, Efrain Lopez and Lydia Faith Lopez, for $1, located Section 15, Township 21, Range 14.

-Estate of Roy L. Martin by Michael L. Wood to Professional Homebuilders, Inc., for $328,000, located Section 31, Township 23, Range 13.

-Randall Bradley Morris to Randall Bradley Morris and Linda B. Posey, for $10, located Section 30 and 31, Township 24, Range 15.

-Vernon Campbell by Irish Maria Cooper Burgess to Irish Maria Cooper Burgess, for $1, located Section 21, Township 21, Range 12.

-Regions Bank to Stanley Mark Higgins, for $120,000, located at an undisclosed location.

-Regions Bank to Adam Plier and Rita R. Plier, for $179,000, located at an undisclosed location.

Dec. 8

-1st Franklin Financial Corporation to Dana Mitchell, for $28,000, located Section 31, Township 23, Range 15.

-Deborah B. Hill and Darian Wade Hill to Darian Wade Hill, for $10, located Section 17, Township 20, Range 16.

-Edwin Price and Kayla Price to Jamie Matthew Nunn and Maria S. Nunn, for $225,000, located lot 3 of Creekside subdivision.

Dec. 9

-Don Edwards and Gail Edwards to Scott Edwards, for $100, located Section 12, Township 20, Range 13.

-Estate of Yvonne Johnson by Carol D. Johnson to Dwight A. Barrows and Krista L. Barrows, for $345,000, located Section 32, Township 24, Range 13.

-James D. Coe and Patricia A. Coe to Michael A. Hauswirth and Marsha Lynn Hauswirth, for $1,000, located Section 28, Township 22, Range 14.

-Terry Burnice Minor to George Gregory Minor and Vickie L. Minor, for $80,000, located Section 6, Township 22, Range 15.

-Larry Jackson Chandler to Isaac Froilan Jimenez Hernandez, for $157,000, located Section 17, Township 24, Range 13.

-Dale Westlake and Phyllis Westlake to Mary S. Beatty, for $280,000, located Section 31, Township 23, Range 14.

-Randal Joseph Risher and Patty Elaine Risher to BHM Growth Investors LLC, for $17,000, located lot 5 of Lucas Estates Water Oak S Drive.

Dec. 10

-Jonathan Varner and Sanna Jordan, as heirs of Ruby Mason, Ernest Mason and Edna Varner, to Clydia Mae Varner, for $10,000, located lot 2, block 1 of the Downs addition No. 2 in City of Clanton.

-JLH Properties, Inc. to Fletcher D. Green and Teresa E. Green, for $100, located lot 3 of Riverview Place.

-JLH Properties, Inc. to William R. Sellers III and Laura G. Sellers, for $100, located lot 12 of Riverview Place.

-Wayne Edgeworth and Sonya Edgeworth to Harold A. Parker and Betty W. Parker, for $1, located lot 9 of Grand Point subdivision.

-Daniel McKee Mims, as heir of Martha M. Mims, to Daniel McKee Mims, for $1, located Section 35, Township 22, Range 14.

-Jeffrey Earl Blow to Adam Jeffery Blow, for $1, located Section 21, Township 23, Range 14.

-Amanda McGalliard and Christopher Wayne McGalliard to John McMinn and Cescelly R. McMinn, for $100, located Section 14, Township 21, Range 13.

-Michael A. Dalrymple and Tammy Dalrymple to Christopher M. Calvert and Mary Lisa Calvert, for $85,000, located Section 29, Township 22, Range 14.

-Justin K. Davis to Anthony Jerell Miller and Esther Guadalupe Hernandez Trejo, for $136,200, located in lots 30 and 31, block 3 of Cox addition in City of Clanton.

-Megan Driver Dale to Mary Diane Handley, for $200,000, located lot 4 of Bellwood subdivision.

-James Rockett Powers of the Management Trust of Nell Rockett Powers to James J. Sharpe and Anedra Jill Sharpe, for $60,000, located Section 28, Township 23, Range 15.

-Elaine Elledge and Claude Elledge to Ivan McCollum, for $38,900, located tract No. 6 of The Ponderosa.

-Randall Collins to Carla A. Lumpkin, for $100, located lot 10 of Bentwood Hills subdivision.

-Reece J. Winslett to Tim Gilliland, for $100, located lot 6, outlet C of Strickland subdivision.

-Edwin Bradley Freeman Jr. to Trevor C. Wallace and Rebecca Bland Wallace, for $195,000, located lot 9, block 1 of Old Acres subdivision.

-Claudy Edwards to Michael L. Williams and Neikkita Hardnett, for $83,900, located lot 6, block B of the D.E. Plier addition No. 2 in the City of Jemison.

-David Bruce Phillips and Margaret A. Phillips to David Bruce Phillips and Margaret A. Phillips, for $100, located lot 100 of Grand Point phase V.

-Mathew Trent Sanders and Brittney Michelle Sanders to Steven Penley and Holly Penley, for $220,000, located lot 15 of Rolling Meadows Estates.

-Ricky Lynn Hayes to Lucky Z LLC, for $25,500, located Section 4, Township 21, Range 14.