Gussie Faye Davis Cobb

Published 8:45 am Thursday, November 5, 2020

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Gussie Faye Davis Cobb, 98 years old, died early Friday morning just as she always said she wanted to die, peacefully in her sleep. Everyone close to her called her Granny, and if you spent much time with her, you were close to her. Trying to sum up 98 years of living is impossible. She wasn’t a leader and had no desire to be recognized by the public. But to those she loved and those who loved her, she was so much more than any of those things. She was a rock, our go-to person. She had a large family and each one was equally important to her from her firstborn down to the great-great-grandchildren. She was a strong woman and taught her three daughters to be strong. They, in turn, have passed that down to their daughters, and it continues through the generations.

She loved her church and church family. Until the last few months when her health would not allow her to attend, she attended every church service. Until this past year, she came every night to our children’s program and served drinks to our 75+ children. She eventually had to take her walker and would sit on its seat to get through the night. It grieved her when she could no longer do her job. Most importantly, she loved her God, and they had a very close relationship. During these past weeks, when we stayed with her, we would hear her talking to God. Her greatest desire was to see all of her family have that same type of relationship with God that she had.

She will be missed beyond measure, but we cannot wish to bring her back. In the last few months, she has begged her Father to come for her. Her family, especially her three daughters, began grieving our mother at least a year ago when she began to lean on us instead of us looking to her for comfort, support and wisdom. No matter how poorly she felt, even when she would get impatient with us, the love for us was always strong.

Her wish, and now ours is that everyone that knew her will give the God she loved a chance to show you how much He loves you.