Guide to Clanton elections for Aug. 25, 2020

Published 8:40 am Monday, August 17, 2020

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Municipal election will be held on Aug. 25. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


All candidates were contacted but not all responded.

Candidates for Mayor 

Jeff Mims

Political party: Republican

Age: 63

Education: HS graduate

Personal Message:

I was born in Clanton and have raised my family here and recently retired from my own business, Concrete Plus Construction and Mini-Storage. As a state licensed general contractor and plumber for almost 40 years, I was fortunate enough to learn quite a lot about the way a city’s infrastructure works when it comes to buildings, road works and sewer systems, among other things. As a member of the Zoning Board and past president of the Chilton County Home Builders Association, I know how to work with not only individuals but also groups in order to get things done.

If I am blessed to be elected as your Mayor, I’d like to highlight Clanton as a beacon to draw people to our city where they can shop, eat, and enjoy our downtown, parks and recreation, and other amenities. Clanton is so much more than just a quick interstate stop off on the way to and from the beach, and I would love to have the opportunity to implement my plan to make it THE place to visit in central Alabama.

We are a full-time city, and as a full-time mayor I promise you that I would do my best to enhance and lift up our city with downtown revitalization projects, street improvements, job opportunities, and recreational activities for our youth and all citizens. As a former business owner, I am an advocate for local businesses, shopping and staying in Clanton, and growing a prosperous community that entices our young professionals to stay and give back to the city that raised them. Part of my plan is to work to attract new businesses that we’d all like to see, such as a larger variety of places to eat, shop and be entertained.

Home is where you are willing to do the work. Clanton is my home. I want to be a part of creating new opportunities of all kinds for residents and amplifying Clanton’s voice in our state. Help me become Clanton’s mayor, and let’s use our voices to help build Clanton together.


Dr. Jeff Price

Age: 51

Education: Thorsby High School (1987), University of Montevallo (1991), UAB School of Medicine (1996)

Personal message: I have lived and practiced medicine in Clanton for over 21 years. Nearly two years ago, I was practicing alone. When I realized that an unexpected health problem or accident would leave my practice unattended, I hired 2 full-time Nurse Practitioners to reduce that risk and soften my patient load. Since then, I have worked a little over 12 hours a week. I have enjoyed being able to use that extra time to pursue other ways to serve the community, like being Mayor. If elected, I will move my hours to Saturday and the NP’s will work M-F.  As a bonus, I have two sons in the UAB School of Medicine and hopefully they will join Chilton Family Medicine in the future.

To thrive in a leadership position like Mayor, you must have a vision for the city.  A vision of how you see the city operating in the future.  A vision that helps residents understand where you want to take the city.

I want to use my education, 12 years of experience on the city council, and leadership to repair infrastructure, improve city wages, discuss a city school system and implement the recently unveiled master plan around the 212 Exit. The plan has everything residents have been asking for including protecting and improving our downtown. I especially look forward to a new sports park at the interstate during the first year. We can then free up our current ballpark and have a true “central park” with walking paths to downtown, bike trails, a dog park and plenty of trees and green space. The next four years will be the most important for the future of our city. I humbly ask for your vote for Mayor on Aug. 25.


Candidates for City Council

District 1

Danny Carter

Age: 66

Education: Some college

Personal message: I have been born and raised in Clanton. I have been married to my Jennifer for over 19 years, a local business owner for 25+ years, member of First United Methodist Church, civic minded 20 year minded Clanton Evening Lions Club, Alabama Lions Sight First VP, Chilton County Rescue Squad, member/sponsor of Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, graduate of Chilton Leadership. I am charity oriented — Clanton Masonic Lodge, Shriner, Knights Templar, York Rite Mason and Order of the Eastern Star.


William “Bear” Newton

Education: 1995 Troy University – Nursing BSN, 2004 – Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia – Nurse Anesthetist MSN

Personal message: I have been involved in the community as deacon at Clanton First Baptist Church, praise team leader with FBC youth for 8 years, active member of the men’s ministry at FBC, have served teaching Sunday school for 6 years, volunteer worker for En Fuego for 4 years.

I believe Clanton is a unique community with great potential.  We have an opportunity to build on our great past and create a destination for young professionals to raise their family. We need to continue to develop information technology infrastructure and outdoor activity space that is essential for a healthy community. Addressing those two goals alone will draw the attention of vibrant intellectual individuals and young families looking for a great community in which to live, work and play. Attracting manufacturing/technology-based companies that demand skilled workers and therefore pay higher wages will provide a foundation to build on, in order to grow tax revenue which creates strategic growth for generations.


Billy Singleton

Political Party: Not Applicable in Municipal Election

Age: 61

Education: Bachelor’s Degree: Business Administration, Troy University, Master’s Degree: Aerospace Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Personal Message: The City of Clanton is poised to experience a period of unprecedented opportunity and prosperity during the next four years. However, the benefits of these opportunities will not be realized without the dedicated and determined efforts of those individuals elected to represent our residents. The establishment of the Alabama Farm Center and associated retail development along the Exit 212 corridor; preserving and developing our downtown as a destination for business, retail and restaurants; investing in improvements to our infrastructure; expansion of broadband capability; and ensuring that we maintain a safe community that provides for the needs of our residents are challenges that our elected leadership will be required to address.

I believe that every challenge creates opportunity. By meeting these challenges, we have the opportunity to grow our city in a way that benefits all residents yet maintains our sense of community and small-town charm. More important, achieving success over these challenges will allow us to retain our most precious commodity, our young people, by creating opportunities to secure employment at competitive wages without having to relocate outside of Chilton County.

I have served the residents of Clanton as a member of the Chilton County Airport Authority, the Industrial Development Authority of Chilton County and the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce. I would be honored to continue serving the community as the representative for District 1 on the Clanton City Council in making our city not only a great place to visit, but an ideal place to live and work.


District 2

Barry Baker

Political party: N/A

Position running for: Clanton City Council – District/Ward 2

Age: 47

Education: 1991 graduate of Chilton County High School, 1995 graduate of Troy University with a degree in Sports Medicine, 2000 graduate of Troy University’s Sorrell  College of Business with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Personal message: As a lifelong resident of District 2, I have become passionate about seeing our community progress and  become an outstanding place to work, play and live!  I have proven throughout my life, I can overcome adversity, as well as work hard as a concretive, with honesty and integrity to accomplish goals.  I stated my own business, work to support my employees (make payroll),  teach a class at Chiton County High on a volunteer basis, and volunteer with local youth sports programs.  I, unassumingly, ask for your vote on Aug. 25. Let’s work together to take care of our city employees, improve our infrastructure/public safety, improve recreation and parks, increase sales tax revenue by bringing recreational events to our city (through development of our interstate exits), recruit clean industry, and clean up and maintain our city.  Put my experience, education, dedication, and integrity to work for you for progress in Clanton!


Bobby R. Cook

Education: Associate degree in Accounting, Chilton County High School graduate, Banking studies, 160 hours of continuing education through the Alabama League.

Personal Message: I am grateful to the people of Clanton District 2 for electing me to represent you on the Clanton City Council. It has been a great opportunity for me to have worked with Mayor Driver and other council members. With a background in accounting and banking, I assisted in preparing the annual budget for the operation of the City and the Utility Board.

The Alfa project at the 212 exit promises to be a great asset to Chilton County, and I have enjoyed being actively involved in the planning stages. Many additions and improvements for Clanton are in progress. One most important is the City Water Plant, which will be two times the original plant size and will be adequate to meet the needs of all. This project cost is approximately $4.6 million and will be paid in full

upon completion with your tax dollars without borrowing any funds. This is just one example of the excellent financial management over the past several years.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the Alabama League of Municipalities Executive Committee for the past 8 years.


Wade Watley

Political Party: Republican

Age: 44

Education: Chilton County High School (1994), Faulkner University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2010)

Personal Message: I am seeking a position on the Clanton City Council. I was born and raised in Clanton and have been married to Jennifer Higgins Watley for 23 years. We have three sons —Cole (22); Turner(20); and Carson (17). My parents are Tim Watley and Sheila Ousley Jones. I have been employed with Alabama Power Company for over 18 years with experience in construction, project management, and safety and health. My family and I are members of Clanton First United Methodist Church. Along with serving several positions on the park and recreational board, I am a past president of the Alabama Power Service Organization and a Certified Utility Safety Professional.

I am running for a position on the Clanton City Council because I want our city to be a place our children want to stay and raise their families. I believe that starts with investing in our infrastructure, specifically our sewer and water systems, as well as developing a road maintenance plan. I believe our infrastructure has to be improved to be ready for future growth. I also support working with educators to provide our students the best tools to prepare them for college or a trade. I support investing in our economic growth to provide career opportunities here in Clanton, shorten commutes and increase average household incomes. I will be a good steward of our money, work with others to develop strategic planning for growth and be available daily to work for you while continuing to preserve our past. I respectfully ask for your vote on August 25th at City Hall for Clanton City Council – District 2.


District 3

Ronny Childress

Political Party: Republican

Age: 41

Education: I attended Jemison high School, George C. Wallace Community College and Alabama Fire College.

Personal message: I am a lifelong resident if Chilton County. If given the opportunity to serve my community, I have many things I would like to see the new mayor and council address. 1) Open our city for business and welcome retail development and recreation for our youth. 2) We need to address pour outdated sewer and water system. 3) We need to work on competitive wages for our law enforcement. 4) We need a full-time, fully staffed Fire and EMS service. 5) The city of Clanton needs to. look at the possibility of having its own ambulance service. 6) It’s time to start a discussion about our education systems and how we can better serve our students in a top-notch education system. This is just a short list of what we can accomplish working together as one unit. Together we can do what’s best for all of Clanton!


Sammy Wilson

District 4

Awlahjaday Agee (incumbent)

Education: 2006 graduate of Chilton county High School; Wallace State community College, Jefferson State Community College

Personal message: I currently serve as the vice president of Agee Brothers Funeral Home and was the former manager of Clara’s Country Café. Serving our community is second nature to me. We have accomplished so much over the past four years. However, we still have so much more to accomplish. I see a future of better roads, more enjoyable parks and recreation for our district, increased activities for our senior citizens and youth, just to name a few. With your dedication, help, love and support we can take District 4 to the next level. Please stand by me another four years and allow me to display the actions behind my words. I am humbly asking for your vote and support on Aug. 25. It will make all the difference and collaboratively we can accomplish all.


Margaret Hawkins

Political party: Republican

Age: 58

Education: Graduated Auburn University (Certified Public Manager)

Personal message: I am asking for Your vote on Aug. 25. I am married to my husband Oscar Hawkins for 29 years.

20+ years’ leadership experience in Community Service and Outreach, Member of Chilton County Chamber of Commerce and Alabama Department of Education After-School Advisory Board.

I received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Community Service Drum Major Award in April 2018 in Washington DC.

Over the last 4-years of service provided free to District 4 youth and adult community: provided 100 youth school supplies, dedicated land for West End Seniors Butterfly Garden, opened Bridge of Hope Adult Job Training Outreach, hosted MLK Jr. Family Basketball Fun Day at YMCA and dedicated Kids 1st Youth & Adult Job Training Ministry

My vision upon elected I agree to for the next 4 years: Become a working full-time City councilmember, Implement monthly meeting with citizen to help improve lives in our community, Recruit for better education, jobs opportunity and family outdoor activities, Pursue better housing, streets, food, transportation, and medical needs.

Proven Leadership, Focused on Faith and Community Needs!

United We Can Make A Differences!


Ronnie Richardson Parker

Age: 48

Education: CCHS Graduate’ 89, Alabama A&M ’96 BS’ Agribusiness Education minor General Science

Personal message: Goal is to work for the people in District 4. We as the District can work together for clean and safe community, beautify communities, tear down dilapidated homes and buildings that is not up to code(s), have activities for the seniors, and continue the education process for the youth/community. Also work together for City of Clanton as well as the people to improve the entire city as well as the district(s).

District 5

Mary Mell Smith (incumbent, unopposed)

Political Party: Not Applicable in Municipal Election

Personal Message: For the past twenty years, it has been my privilege to serve as a member of the Clanton City Council representing the residents of District 5. During that time, I have worked closely with our mayor, my colleagues on the City Council and our city employees to create a safe and prosperous community that provides for the needs of our residents. Equally important, we have devoted our efforts to create a city that each of us can be proud to call home.

The City of Clanton and the Industrial Development Authority of Chilton County recently introduced the Master Plan for retail development along the Exit 212 corridor in proximity to the Alabama Farm Center. This plan represents an investment of almost two years of effort by the Mayor, members of the City Council, the Industrial Development Authority of Chilton County and our team of professional consultants. Although this plan will require several years to implement, it represents the most significant economic development opportunity in the history of our community and has the potential to improve the quality of life of all residents of Clanton and Chilton County.

I am extremely excited and optimistic about the future of our city. I am proud and honored to again have the opportunity to represent the residents of District 5 in making Clanton an even better place for our residents to call home.