What to do with so many strawberries

Published 3:15 pm Friday, May 29, 2020

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

The bucket had seemed huge when I bought it full of strawberries from a local vendor earlier this month.

I knew from past articles I had written about the fruit that the deeper red the color of the fruit the sweeter it will be.

Buying more than I ever had in my life sparked my husband and I to dream up all the ways we could use them.

I was a late convert to strawberries. As a kid, I never liked them. I think it was something about the texture. I remember the seeds being really pronounced. I am glad I came to like them to enjoy them.

I also had several ideas that had been submitted by readers about their favorite ways to eat Chilton County strawberries. With cream or just plain were some of the popular responses.

I froze some for smoothies. We ate several, and it still seemed a most abundant supply.

That is until I actually read the recipe for the strawberry shortcake I wanted to make. It required several cups of berries and used the rest of the fresh berries we had.

This was my first time making this dessert, and I was excited to try it. My husband Jeremy is usually up to trying anything I want to bake.

Combining sugar with the strawberries a simple syrup started to form. The actual shortcake came out of the pan easily — which can be my biggest concern when baking cakes.

The end result topped with some sweet whipped cream (store bought — I opted not to make this part myself) was delicious.

It is one of my new favorite ways to eat Chilton County strawberries.

Although the season is winding down, there are still some local strawberries to be found for residents wanting to get one last batch before the fruit seasons change.

Already the first peaches are being picked ushering in Chilton County’s most popular fruit season.