S-O-L-A-C-E: Lowe wins CMS spelling bee

Published 1:34 pm Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

After more than an hour of concentrated spelling, Clanton Middle School student Chase Lowe won first place by correctly spelling solace during the school bee on Dec. 11.

Lowe, who is in seventh grade, said she was glad and excited for the win.

While she had competed in spelling bees in the past, this was the first time in about three years that she had participated.

Lowe said she reviewed the word list in her head while getting ready that morning.

She plans to write the words and definitions to be ready for the county event.

Second place went to sixth-grade student Angeleah Tilley.

Tilley said she was glad the format of the spelling bee was the same as the classroom bee unlike last year. Studying was difficult for her this year.

“My papaw died on Nov. 7, and it was really hard on me and my family, so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare,” Tilley said.

She did make sure she studied the night before.

“I’m glad I got second place,” Tilley said.

Each CMS class had held a classroom spelling bee with the winner competing in the Dec. 11 event.

Lowe and Tilley will both attend the Chilton County Schools spelling bee on Jan. 31 at the LeCroy Career Technical Center. Lowe will be representing CMS, but if something happens where she cannot attend, Tilley will compete for the school.