OPINION: You might be a superhero

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, October 10, 2019

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The other day I was at Maplesville High School for a fire prevention day presentation. The Maplesville Fire Department had firefighter Carson Riley dressed in full gear. As he was waiting to enter the building where the presentations would take place, I heard a child passing in line exclaim excitedly, “It’s a firefighter.”

His tone was the kind one might use for a celebrity or superhero. Volunteer firemen definitely deserve this admiration as they put their lives on the line for others.

But, they might not feel super every day. When they have had a long day or have responded to devastation, they might not feel powerful or awe inspiring.

Yet, every time they walk into a building they are a superhero of sorts, taking on a formidable for to rescue people, pets and property.

A job can seem mundane going to it day after day — however, to a child watching, you might be a superhero.

They might think working for the power company as a lineman is the neatest thing ever. They might think being a teacher and getting to decorate a classroom sounds super fun. They might think working at a restaurant would be the ultimate job.

And, completely selfishly, I hope they think being a writer is kind of cool.

So, potential superheroes, let’s not let them down. Let’s show them that no matter what job someone has it should be done well and to the best of one’s ability.

Let’s also look for the good in our jobs. Pause and think about the positives, what made you want it in the first place and recapture that excitement.

Keep your vision sharp for ways to solve problems. Stay ready to step in to the rescue but avoid capes (See Disney’s The Incredibles).

Never be too busy to smile at a child — They might just think you’re a superhero.