Commission approves shift to IDA

Published 2:39 pm Friday, September 27, 2019

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The Chilton County Commission unanimously approved for the Industrial Development Board to re-incorporate itself as an Industrial Development Authority during its meeting on Sept. 24.

The move would allow municipalities to not only be included in the meetings but also having voting power in the final decision process, which they had not had under the IDB format.

Monica Cooper, Elizabeth Huntley and Van Forrester were unanimously approved by the Commission to become members of the IDA. They were each presented as recommendations by the IDB prior to the creation of the IDA.

“We think it would help moving forward to not completely start over,” Forrester said.

The IDA will consist of 11 board members. Four apiece will represent the county and the City of Clanton, while there will be one representative from Jemison, Maplesville and Thorsby.

The representation was divided out based on population and other economical factors.

Parnell asked for a resolution that a sitting commissioner would have a seat on the board at all times. It was passed.

Allen Caton and Matt Mims were nominated to fill the fourth seat. Caton was approved after receiving four votes to Mims’s three votes.

Caton and Cooper will serve two-year terms, while Forrester and Huntley will serve four-year terms on the board.

According to Forrester, the reason for the staggered terms are so that everyone does not come off at the same time.

The IDA will remain a public board and the meetings will still be open for the public to attend.