Jail building budget in need of funds

Published 3:00 pm Monday, July 1, 2019

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The Sheriff’s Office is in the negative when it comes to its building budget with slightly more than three months remaining in the current fiscal year.

“It’s a long ways away,” Sheriff John Shearon told the Chilton County Commission during its work session and voting session on June 25.

According to Shearon, there is certain maintenance around the jail that is awaiting added funds to the building budget.

“We’ve got doors down at the jail that are not operating,” Shearon said. “Those are important doors and a serious situation.”

One of the continued problems plaguing the Sheriff’s Office is the ever-increasing cost of inmate medical care.

Part of that cost includes transferring inmates to hospitals, so they can get the medical attention they need.

Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell informed his fellow commissioners that a readjustment must me made.

“It’s not just our problem,” Parnell said. “It’s everybody’s problem.”

Parnell asked the commissioners if they had any immediate ideas to help solve the situation and help the Sheriff’s Office get through the next 90 or so days remaining in the fiscal year.

According to Parnell, an estimated $60,000 to $90,000 would be needed just to get through the end of the fiscal year with those two line items (building and inmate medical).

One option expressed during the work session would be to borrow some money out of next year’s budget and pay it back.

However, the search quickly began for other options.

“It’s not the best option,” Parnell said.

During the voting session, Parnell said it is a complex situation that will take some time to work out.

“If we can find the money, I’m sure we can amend it in the budget,” Parnell said.

It was agreed to be discuss the matter further at a future work session.