Clanton Council considers lease agreements

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, May 14, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Clanton City Council unanimously approved a lease with Restore Therapy for a vacant building in Park Plaza during a meet on May 13.

Councilman Jeffery Price abstained.

The lease agreement is for five years at $1,200 a month. Mayor Billy Joe Driver said the agreement would be renegotiable after five years.

Renovations have been done recently on the building, including updating the fire sprinkler system, and there are plans to replace the flooring.

The Council unanimously approved the lowest bid from Carpet Country for new tile for the soon-to-be Restore Therapy building. The cost will be $26,390.

The lease agreement with Fred’s in the same shopping center was unanimously amended from two years to seven months at the request of the company.

“They have closed 69 stores,” Driver said. “They are going to try to leave this one open.”

Driver said the company is unsure what will happen at the end of the seven months.

During the meeting, Louise Campbell, Clanton’s Community Development Block Grant writer, announced wanting the city to reapply for a grant to demolish and remove vacant, dilapidated residential structures.

“It is not only an eyesore, but a health and safety issue,” Campbell said.

Although the grant was intensely considered by the CDBG funding committee last year, it was not selected for funding.

Campbell is meeting with someone for pointers on how to enhance the application for a better chance at funding this year.

The Council is expected to officially approve applying for this grant at a later date. Campbell said she wanted to review the budget in the application again before it was officially approved.

CDBG has three grant categories available depending on low to moderate income, including

competitive (for water and sewage), community enhancement and economic development

The grant application deadline for these is in July.

Campbell said they are still waiting to hear back on whether the grant for the splash pad for Clanton City Park had been approved. Councilwoman Mary Mell Smith commented that the government shutdown had delayed the decision process.

The Clanton City Council also approved:

  • Paying New Life Environmental $25,650 for dumpsters.
  • A bid from Jones heating for a new heat pump for $18,570.
  • Purchasing a garbage truck for $162,292.
  • Purchasing Jaws of Life equipment for the Clanton Fire Department to replace the deteriorated equipment it has now.
  • Contributing $25,000 to an environmental study connected to developing the industrial park.
  • Posting for three firefighter positions.