Vaping banned in county-owned buildings

Published 4:33 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Vaping will no longer be allowed in county-owned buildings following a resolution that was unanimously passed by the Chilton County Commission during its meeting on May 7.

Commissioner Jimmie Hardee brought the resolution forth after he weighed the concerns of residents.

However, Hardee stated that he is not against those who vape but is also looking out for those who choose not to.

Vaping will now fall under the same rules that are already in place that ban smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco in county-owned buildings.

Hardee’s motion was seconded by Commissioner Greg Moore.

Sheriff John Shearon asked for a resolution for a line item transfer of $4,066.20 from improvements of motor vehicle to overtime pay.

Commissioner Joe Headley asked if the money being transferred was to be used in the purchase of a new vehicle in the future.

Shearon said the money was budgeted to help with vehicle maintenance, but it is necessary for it to be transferred.

“We’re basically broke when it comes to overtime pay,” Shearon said. “It’s probably going to get a lot worse [with five months to go in the fiscal year].”

The Commission unanimously approved the line item transfer.

Commissioner Allen Caton expressed his displeasure with Wiregrass Construction’s lack of attention being given to the paving project on County Road 51.

According to Caton, Wiregrass started the job but has not been back to work on the project for three weeks.

There is not much the Commission can do concerning the project because it was bid out and is being run by the state of Alabama.

“But it is a reflection on us,” Caton said. “I’m very frustrated with Wiregrass. We’ve given them a lot of work in this county, and now we’re being treated as red-headed step-children.”

In other news from the meeting:

  • Caton and Headley will head a roundtable to look into the best future use of the old DHR building.
  • The Commission accepted the resignations of Jeffrey Brown and Erick Smitherman as full-time deputies. They will both resume as part-time deputies effective May 6.
  • Adam Geisler, Barbara Bieber, Waverly Powers, Mason Manley and Jacob Varden were hired as part-time corrections officers effective May 8.
  • Brendon Martin was hired as a full-time corrections officer effective May 8.
  • The Commission is looking into modifying Judge Chris Speaks’ courtroom for safety reasons. The changes would be dependent on meeting the fire marshal code.
  • The Commission passed a resolution to reserve the big courtroom upstairs for the GOP meeting on May 20 at 5:30 p.m.
  • A resolution was passed to notify and begin the termination process of tax collection services with RDS to go with the state of Alabama.
  • Michael Littleton was permitted to contact employees regarding Legal Shield. However, he must schedule the contact as the employee’s work schedule allows.
  • The Commission passed a resolution to pay an MRM invoice for the amount of $13,714.73.
  • A resolution was passed to close the West Frazier bank account. The account was originally created to deal with repaving a state highway. The money will be moved out and back into the operating fund.
  • Jeremy Hicks was nominated for the Board of Equalization. The Commission is still responsible for filling one more spot on the board. It was tabled for the next meeting.
  • The Commission approved to begin the process to advertise and hire a temporary full-time janitor who will help fill a void for an employee on maternity leave.
  • The Commission approved the minutes from the April 23 meeting.
  • The Commission approved to pay its bills.