Thorsby updates employee pay scale

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Thorsby Town Council approved a resolution to increase the pay scale of town employees.

However, the increase would only go into effect if the money exists in the budget from year to year.

Employees affected by the increase would include those in the police department, public works and administration.

An example of the increase would be a public works employee being bumped from $9 an hour currently to $11 an hour under the new resolution.

Mayor Robert Hight estimated a difference of an additional $20,000 added to the budget in order to make the resolution work.

The Council seemed confident that Thorsby would have no problem handling that financial difference, because they are usually very conservative in their budgeting.

According to Hight, the new pay scale should last for the next decade before needing to be re-examined.

Councilman Neil Benson motioned the resolution and councilwoman Marilyn Collins seconded his motion.

The Thorsby Fire Department is looking at a couple of different grants to apply for but are still in the planning stages to see what is currently available.

Thorsby Fire Chief James Conner informed the Council that in recent weeks the department has responded to a shed fire at the Boise Cascade facility and also assisted the Clanton Fire Department on a call.

According to Conner, the firefighters on duty handled the shed fire very quickly and efficiently.

The Council tabled nominating someone for the Board of Equalization until the next meeting on May 20, and also approved to pay the bills and transfer the funds.