Fulmer reinstated without pay after informal hearing

Published 2:14 pm Thursday, April 11, 2019

Angela Fulmer has been reinstated to work without pay.

According to Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell, Fulmer followed the process listed for reinstatement in the county’s handbook.

Paragraph 8.4 of the county handbook allowed Fulmer the opportunity to schedule an informal hearing, which she chose to do.

After the hearing, she was reinstated behind the advisement of county attorney Roger Bates.

The Commission had previously voted on March 12 to suspend Fulmer without pay. However, a vote by the Commission was not needed to reinstate Fulmer based on the guidelines in the handbook.

Paragraph 8.6 reads “If an employee is charged with a felony, which is considered a violation of these policies and procedures, his [or her] appointing authority will proceed with the procedures contained in paragraph 8.4.”

Fulmer was arrested by the State Bureau of Investigation on Feb. 6. She was charged with the alleged burglary of a residence without using force and was released on bond later that day.

The charges associated with Fulmer are still in the midst of the legal process.

The Commission has been working on updating the current handbook, which was created in 1995.