JMS media center hopes to add TV

Published 3:22 pm Monday, April 1, 2019

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Jemison Middle School is looking to continue to take steps in growing its library media center, and the next progression includes a television.

JMS librarian Nichole Kee is currently attempting to raise $296 in order to purchase a 40-inch flat screen television, wall mount and HDMI cord.

She has put the request on, which is a popular avenue that teachers use when looking to improve their classrooms.

However, this is the first time Kee has used the website after first hearing about it during an open-forum discussion at the Alabama Library Association Conference.

According to Kee, the nice thing about the website is that they partner with certain companies and are able to get lower prices on certain items.

The library media center serves the educational needs of 375 students.

“The students at JMS are a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds,” Kee said. “They are talented in many areas including art, music, coding and athletics. I regularly assist them with projects and research in the media center.”

Kee’s plan is to use the television instead of the wall projector currently used. The HDMI cord will allow her to plug her computer into it and easily relay what she is looking at on her desktop to a group of students.

Some of the problems faced with the current situation include it being difficult to setup the projector due to the placement of the bookcases and that the projector is being shared among teachers.

“There’s not a good place to put an actual projector in here, because the new ones have to have a totally flat surface,” Kee said. “It’s [TV] easier and it’s cheaper.”

One of the things that Kee plans to continue with a television is showing her students is how to maneuver Alabama Virtual Library’s online database to help with their research and studying techniques.

Tapping into the various sensory skills to aid in the teaching process is a goal of Kee’s moving forward.

“When you have a visual for the kids to look at, they take more away from it,” Kee said. “I can talk to them all day long, but being able to show them helps a lot.”

Kee posted the donation request in February and it will remain up until June 30. She will only receive the requested materials if the project is fully funded by that date.

To place a donation visit the website and type “Nichole Kee” in the search box.