Grant adds math resource to MHS

Published 10:01 am Monday, March 4, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Elementary teachers and administrators at Maplesville High School are excited to receive a PEECh grant from the Chilton County Education Foundation to purchase Math Seeds.

The grant was for $450, and although the amount is less than what was initially requested, it is enough to purchase the needed subscriptions.

Teacher Hailey Carroll said the computer program helps students improve their math skills, starting at their level.

“We have a great math resource for our older elementary, but we have nothing in place for the younger elementary kids and this is going to help to fill that,” Carroll said.

The game format of the program’s lessons make the learning fun for students. Teachers can also review a student’s progress and assign specific lessons though the program.

“I think it will be great for the students,” teacher Dana Bolding said.

Bolding said teachers can assign specific lessons to students based on the concepts they are struggling with.

Teachers tested out the program through a 30-day trial subscription.

“After our 30-day free trial, the kids were begging us for it,” Carroll said.

Bolding said the school has several resources for reading and needed some for math.

Carroll and Bolding talked to administration about purchasing a subscription for kindergarten through second grade.

Students create a character within the game and earn virtual coins for each lesson completed. These coins can be used within the program to purchase items for the characters.

Bolding said each of the math concepts tested in the games fits with what students are learning in class.

Students take an assessment when they first use the program to determine their starting point.

“I am excited to see good things happening at Maplesville,” Assistant Principal Crystal Sabat said.

She said teachers saw good results with the trial version, and she is excited to have the means to offer this resource to students and improve math comprehension.