Chick Chain registration deadline approaches

Published 4:35 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Alabama 4-H and the Chilton County Extension Office are in the midst of the enrollment process for its annual Chick Chain program.

The program is open to anyone ages 9-18. Participants are not required to be a current member of 4-H but will need to fill out an enrollment form if that is the case.

Registration is due by Feb. 20 and includes a $50 non-refundable fee along with the registration form.

According to an Extension Office press release, the chick chain project teaches young people poultry management skills, business management awareness and record-keeping skills. Learning of ways to contribute to their home food supply and the pride of accomplishment are other valuable skills that participants experience.

The goal is to present them with skills that they can carry into the future.

As part of the project, each participant will receive 10 chicks during the third week in March.

The chickens will be pullets (females) that are 2 days old when received.

Participants will then have the responsibility of feeding and caring for the chickens for roughly 20 weeks.

At the end of the five-month period, each person will choose two of their pullets to showcase in the 4-H Chick Chain Show and Auction on Aug. 17 at the Chilton County Research and Extension Center.

For more information about the program or how to get involved, call the Extension Office at (205) 280-6268.