Clanton Council hears preliminary annexation requests

Published 9:52 am Tuesday, January 29, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Clanton City Council was made aware of three annexation requests during its meeting on Jan. 28.

Representatives for Ballington Place Subdivision were present at the meeting to discuss their plans.

Two of the annexation requests were for land between the subdivision being developed and the current Clanton boundary line. One of the parcels is 150 acres, and the other is 17 acres owned by F&P development.

Mayor Billy Joe Driver said he had not seen the necessary maps for annexation yet.

“To bring it all in we need a description of the land and a map showing where it would all be joined,” Driver said.

Kyle Tignor of Straight Line Engineering said the descriptions and signed forms had been submitted on Jan. 25. However, one of the maps had not been submitted because he had not received it until the day of the meeting.

Building inspector Gene Martin said the paperwork had been put on the mayor’s desk earlier that day.

Tignor said he would be requesting Garden Home Community Zoning for the subdivision.

The subdivision, which has two homes built so far, is located on County Road 633.

Agriculture zoning will be requested for the 150-acre parcel, and Residential (R1) will be requested for the 17 acres owned by F&P development.

Straight Line Engineering and Consulting had hoped to get final plat approval of the lots during the Jan. 28 meeting.

“It is an existing subdivision that was developed in the county,” Tignor said. “It has approximately 42 lots. The streets and utilities have been constructed throughout the whole subdivision.”

Driver said the plat would have to go to the Planning Commission for approval. Martin said preliminary plat approval could be given, contingent on the approval of the annexations.

The subdivision plat is expected to be reviewed by the Planning Commission on Feb. 12.

During the meeting, the City Council approved:

  • Paying $15,000 to the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Rezoning a piece of land at the corner of Ollie Avenue and Highway 145 from Business (B2) to Residential (R1).
  • Charging $100 per day and a $50 key deposit to rent the Recreation Center on Highway 145, E.M. Henry Recreation Center in West End and the Senior Activity Center on Enterprise Road. The key deposit would be reimbursed when the key is returned.
  • Allowing the En Fuego committee to hold a fundraiser carnival near Goose Pond Park on Feb. 14-23.