LCTC class closer to final project after receiving grant

Published 2:21 pm Monday, January 28, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

LeCroy Career Technical Center’s Engineering Research and Design class received a boost to its final project thanks to a Bright Ideas grant from the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative.

Teachers Jay LeCroy and Jason Sosa with assistance from Isabella High School teacher Nelda LeCroy applied for $1,000 for the class’s field sensor project.

The grant will be combined with one from Southern Research to create field sensors to monitor and collect environmental information about land, water and air.

Jay LeCroy estimates that each of the devices will cost $350 to complete.

“Different parts go up and down in price, but right now that is what I think it is going to cost,” he said.

The project was a good fit for the grant because it gives students experience they will need in working for companies like CAEC.

Students will be using Ohm’s Law to calculate the needed power and voltages as well as soldering components and programming the devices.

“We are ready to build,” Jay LeCroy said.

Throughout the school year, students have been completing smaller projects developing the needed skills to complete the field sensors.

Jay LeCroy said he has also incorporated about the “internet of things,” highlighting how many non-computer items now have wireless connectivity.

Each of the students have gained electronics experience.

Jay LeCroy said the class combines college readiness with career readiness.

“A college bound student (now) has electronics experience, so they can solve real problems,” Jay LeCroy said.

This is not the first time that a STEM Academy class has received support from CAEC.

“CAEC has been a huge partner in the STEM Academy … They helped us tremendously since day one,” Jay LeCroy said.

STEM Academy teachers have attended training CAEC had a part in to receive information and equipment.