Women’s self-defense course available at YMCA

Published 4:57 pm Monday, January 7, 2019

Impact Martial Arts is partnering with the YMCA of Chilton County to offer a 15-week course on self-defense techniques for women.

Although Impact Martial Arts has offered a few workshops for women in the past in Chilton County, this is the first time an extensive course has been offered.

“In the workshops, we try to cover the most effective moves in a short amount of time, so this will give them more time to learn the important tools to defend themselves against the specific threats that we will cover during the program,” Sean Gilham of Impact Martial Arts said.

Classes will meet at the YMCA of Chilton County each Tuesday at 5:45 p.m. from Jan. 15 to April 16. Those 12 years old or older are welcome to register.

Elements of the program will include using physical moves and one’s voice to ward off a potential attack.

Gilham said this would include “how to use your hands as barriers between you and the other person, hand strikes and knee strikes … how to set boundaries using their voice, psychologically setting boundaries and (moves) on the ground.”

Cost for the course is $150. Registration can be completed at clantonmartialarts.com/empowered or by calling (205) 266-0732.

Those who are interested but a little apprehensive can preview the first day of the course on Jan. 15 for free before making a final decision, according to Gilham.

The course will combine elements of Gracie Jiujitsu Women Empowered, Creative Defense Systems Rape Prevention and Impact Martial Arts Women’s Self-Defense.

No prior experience in self-defense training or martial arts is required.

Bringing a water bottle and wearing comfortable clothing is encouraged. The class can have up to 30 participants.

While the instructors will be male, there will be female assistants helping participants to learn the techniques.