Trio brings gift shop to Thorsby

Published 3:41 pm Friday, December 21, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

A friendship that started while helping lead efforts to support their children’s high school band has led to a business partnership for Jennifer Edge, Melonie Evans and Teresea Finley as Three Hearts Creations.

The trio has found they work well together in turning ideas into products, floral arrangements and venue decorations.

“My husband grew up here in Thorsby and watching the different businesses that had closed and everything, we just wanted to try to bring something back to Thorsby,” Edge said. “Thorsby needs something.”

Three Hearts Creations gift shop officially opened for business in July.

For many of their bath products, they use a pre-made base that they add scents and colors to it.

The selection available at the store front is expanding as the team finds new combinations they like and what the community likes.

Edge tries to make products with light fragrance and dyes, so those with sensitive skin can use them.

“All of my kids have eczema, and I have them test everything that we put out there to see, how it will work with sensitive skin,” Edge said.

Unscented products and products scented with essential oils are also available.

A line of soaps that appeal to children has been popular.

Evans said a shower steamer they carry that helps with congestion has been popular in the winter months.

“The soaps and lotions and things, I have been doing those for 10 years,” Edge said. “Then, I just met up with these ladies, and we all brought something different to the table.”

Evans takes the lead on event decorating, while Finley is in charge of the floral arrangements side of the business.

“She has worked in several florist shops in her adult life, and she is teaching Melonie and I what to do because we’ve never done it,” Edge said.

Finley said they are a full-service florist.

After they had decided to open a store, the trio learned how to make candles to add to the gift options available.

Three Hearts Creations offers venue decoration for a variety of events such as weddings, showers and parties.

“If they need us to come back and do the cleanup, we’ll do that also,” Evans said.

Evans said they have worked with Thorsby High School to provide decorations for some of their events.

While the season can sometimes limit availability of flowers, Finley said they have a “great supplier” who can usually help them find what they are looking for.

The store also cares jewelry and home decor items.

The trio said they are willing to work with customers as much as possible. Evans said feedback is always welcome. Some of the products that have been big sellers for them have come from customer suggestions.

The store is located at 21012 U.S. Highway 31 South, Suite B in Thorsby, across from Richard Wood Park.

Three Heart Creations can be reached at 205-646-0499.