Divorces in Chilton County for the week of Dec. 1

Published 11:35 pm Friday, November 30, 2018

Nov. 9

  • Yaisa Robinson from Antoine Robinson
  • Spring Allen from David Dismukes

Nov. 11

  • George Riffe from Michelle Riffe
  • James Casey Brown from Kahla Nikole Brown

Nov. 12

  • Stacey Sciandra from Frank Sciandra
  • Lamonica Cochran-Ray from Jeremy Eugene Ray

Nov. 13

  • Michael Strattis from Jeanie Strattis
  • Morales Manjarrez from Oregon de Vazquez
  • Marika Porter from Kevin Lee Porter

Nov. 19

  • Daniel Cooper from Jessicca Cooper
  • Bryan O’Neal Jones from Doris Faye Jones

Nov. 20

  • Mary Italiano from Stephanie Italiano
  • Melissa Delrie from Ashley Delrie
  • Carmen Varner from Tenisha Varner

Nov. 25

  • Daphne Padgett from William Whitfield

Nov. 27

  • John A. Wooten from Brenda D. Wooten
  • John David Carter from Lou Ann Willis
  • William Teasley from Cheryl Teasley
  • Robert Coggins from Elizabeth Coggins
  • Delilah Williams from Isaac Barnett