Thanksgiving tradition returns to CES

Published 12:06 pm Friday, November 16, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

A fun tradition for Michelle Coker’s second-grade class at Clanton Elementary School was back by popular demand this year.
Her Thanksgiving feast, which includes students and their parents or another special adult in their life, has been a highlight of classes’ November for years. However, last year other things going on at school meant there was not enough time to pull off the special meal.
Several people had asked her if the feast wo9uld be returning this year.
“This is the sweetest bunch of children, and I was tickled to be able to do this for them,” Coker said.
In the weeks leading up to the feast, students study Thanksgiving and participate in projects that were displayed at the event.

“I guess I am passionate about Thanksgiving because I feel like society just rushes by Thanksgiving from Halloween into Christmas and I just think we have so much to be thankful for,” Coker said.

She said there was a lot to thankful for in Chilton County specifically this year in light of the natural disasters that have impacted other states.

Students had completed drawings displaying what they were thankful for which were on display in the room where the feast was held.

Coker asked students to choose something other than their parents, so all of the projects did not look the same. She allowed only two students to say the same thing.
Each student recorded what they were thankful for as a part of a video project. Coker asked students a few questions about the First Thanksgiving to highlight what they had studied for the adults present.
“There was no coaching from me on what they chose … and I was amazed,” Coker said. “I want to let you all know great job.”
She said she also incorporated some math concepts into the study, such as symmetry.
She thanked the adults for attending and helping to make the event a success. She invited them to come back to visit the classroom a day to see what a typical day for the class is like.