Maplesville Council approves budget

Published 2:10 pm Friday, September 14, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Maplesville Town Council has passed the budget for fiscal year 2019, which begins Oct. 1.

This budget includes $1,372,920 in projected revenue and $1,363,280 in expenditures. There is $9,000 in projected revenue not allocated in the budget.

City Clerk Dawn Smitherman presented the budget proposal during the Sept. 10 meeting of the Town Council.

The only change made to the proposal before the vote was to add $500 to be used for the Old Fashioned Christmas to be held in December.

Maplesville’s largest revenue source is sales tax, which is projected to generate $465,000 for the next fiscal year.

Maplesville continues to have zero debt.

“The town is really proud that they are debt free,” Smitherman said.

Overall revenue to the town is projected to increase, due to increased revenue from ad valorem taxes, additional revenue from garbage pickup, alcohol taxes and transferring $4,000 from reserves for road projects.

Smitherman said the increased revenue from garbage pickup was going to be from adjusting how the fee was processed.

She said the expenses for garbage pickup have also increased. The cost ($60,000) nearly cancels out the revenue ($60,600).

Specific road projects to be tackled in the 2019 fiscal year were not outlined in the budget. However, Smitherman said the city is getting closer to being able to bid out projects on Mitchell Hill Road, Taylor Road, Sawmill Road, Magnolia Avenue, Martin Street and Crumpton Avenue.

Taxes for alcohol sales are projected to be $16,000.

“It is nice, but it’s not (the amount) people think it is,” Smitherman said. “They think that’s what you are building roads with.”

This amount would not be enough to solely fund proposed road projects for the town.

A comparison to the 2018 budget seems to show a decrease in revenue from fees, but Smitherman explained this is really due to an adjustment in recording based on the last audit the town received.

On the expenditure side, funding for Chilton County E911 was increased in anticipation of the Town Council approving an increase in funding.

The 911 board is asking the towns, municipalities and County Commission to increase contributions steadily over the next five years. Mayor W.C. Hayes has said he wants confirmation on whether the 911 calls the board is using to determine Maplesville’s portion are actually within the town limits or simply are in the larger Maplesville zip code area.

The Maplesville Fire Department will also receive $30,000 as a capital expenditure to cover new turnout gear worn when responding to a fire.

“They are in the process now of getting some specs because that would have to be bid out,” Smitherman said.

The budget also includes $8,000 for repairs at city hall.