Celebrating history

Published 8:38 am Monday, September 10, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

We at The Clanton Advertiser are getting into the 150th Celebration the best way we know how commemorating the event with a full-color magazine to be released later this month.

The development of Chilton County was a success due to several factors including transportation, agriculture, tourism and, of course, peaches.

While the peach may be our signature emblem, other products play crucial roles in early development, such as grapes in the town of Thorsby and lumber in the town of Maplesville.

Many of the train depots that brought products and people the various areas of the county can still be seen today.

One aspect of the section I am especially excited about comes to us thanks to local historian Billy Singleton. It maps out a driving tour of the county’s notable historic spots.

I am enjoying finding out new facts about the county that I have worked in now for almost 2 years. Some of the history found in the section maybe well known to many of you, while other information is lesser known.

Celebrating 150 years as a county can lead to a contemplative mood, both about the past and about the future.

We were able to get comments from several residents on their thoughts about both.

Reflecting on the past can also be a great way to determine what one would like to see change in the future and realize that one can be a part of that change. Chilton County history is full of people who were a part of changes to this area, whether they were conscious of it at the time or not.

Whether it was moving for work, visiting the turnaround in Verbena in the summer to escape the big city or hoping for a new beginning, each of those who settled this area had an impact on its development.

Fifty years from now, when Chilton County celebrates is bicentennial, what resident do today will be looked back on and its true impact known.

Be sure to get a copy of the special section and enjoy all the festivities the week of Oct. 27.