Divorces granted in Chilton County for the week of Aug. 25

Published 5:31 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Aug. 10

  • Aaron Nugene Carden from Deborah Ann Carden
  • Monica S. Price from Justin T. Price
  • Heath Rayford Davis from Sherri Denson Burton
  • Stephanie J. Daniel from James W. Daniel
  • Cedric Parker from Yulanda Parker

Aug. 13

  • Darla Herron from Philip E. Herron

Aug. 14

  • Mark Tyler Edwards from Kayla Ann Edwards

Aug. 15

  • Chapman Charles from Heather Deloach
  • Samuel Earl Anderson from Mary Sue Anderson

Aug. 20

  • Donn Dorminey from Linda Dorminey
  • Virginia Smitherman from Erik Smitherman
  • Jamie Lynn Lane from Charity Grace Komo
  • Kala Mims from Johnothan Mims
  • Natalie Ferrer from Leonardo Chigo

Aug. 21

  • Robert Cleckler from Kristy Headley