CCSO charges suspect in weekend robbery attempt

Published 4:58 pm Wednesday, August 22, 2018

By J.R. Tidwell / Editor

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office has charged a man with third-degree robbery after he allegedly entered the Texaco near Exit 200 off Interstate 65 and demanded money from the clerk around 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 18.

Authorities were searching for the man based off of video surveillance taken from the store and information attained from the clerk when a tip led them to Wade Austin Wimpy, who was already in custody at the Chilton County Jail.

According to CCSO Sheriff John Shearon, Wimpy was arrested after a separate incident on Aug. 19. Records show he was booked into the jail at 6:23 that evening.

“He was with a couple when he just walked into the gas station and demanded money,” Shearon said. “The other guy walked up to the door and said ‘will you come on?’”

According to Shearon, Wimpy was unarmed and did not get anything from the clerk before leaving the store with the couple. As they were driving away, they met deputies on the road coming from the other direction.

“He (Wimpy) told the driver ‘you might want to step on it; I just tried to rob the store,’” Shearon said.

Shearon said the couple were unware of what Wimpy had done in the store, so the girlfriend of the other male did not know whether or not to believe what Wimpy said.

However, the girlfriend returned to the Texaco on Aug. 21 and questioned the clerk on whether or not Wimpy had demanded money.

When the clerk confirmed that he had, the woman told the clerk who the alleged would-be robber was, and then the clerk notified authorities.

“The couple won’t be charged with anything,” Shearon said. “They had no clue, that’s why she went back by to talk to the clerk.”

Once the employee alerted authorities to Wimpy’s identity, it was quickly discovered that he was already in the county jail.

Wimpy had seven failure to appear/comply/pay charges with bonds totaling $4,451.80 stemming from July 30 before the third-degree robbery charge was added with bond set at $5,000.