Thorsby adds section to noise ordinance

Published 4:16 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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The Thorsby Town Council approved to add a section to Ordinance 141, which deals with noise as a nuisance.

Section C was presented by Police Chief Rodney Barnett during the Council’s meeting on Aug. 20. It was looked over by the town’s attorney prior to being brought to the Council.

The addition reads that “it shall be hereby declared a nuisance and shall be unlawful to make any noise that interferes with a person’s work, sleep, special needs children or adults ability to rest and have peace, or veterans who suffer from PTSD, etc. Examples of such noise may include, but not be limited to, shouting, cursing, revving of engines, shooting of explosives, etc.”

A note was added to the section that states, “on holidays that people may freely celebrate as long as it does not last until such times that would constitute complaints being received from citizens, at which time each individual complaint would be evaluated.”

Special events such as those held at Richard Wood Park on the Fourth of July or the Swedish Festival will not be affected by the ordinance.

According to Barnett, the addition provides more clarification into what is allowed as noise.

Barnett made it clear that the expanded ordinance does not prohibit residents from celebrating during holidays, but is meant to help respect the concerns of their neighbors as well.

In other news from the meeting:

  • Marilyn Collins and Darren Maddox were named members of the variance board.
  • The Council approved an offer of $125,000 from W.O. Hopper with All-American Metal, who looks to lease the old garment factory as a warehouse.
  • Michael Wiseman was approved as a part-time reserve officer with the police department.
  • The fire department is continuing its drill field maintenance with an air conditioner replacement and more cosmetic upgrades.
  • Engine 32 received a bumper-to-bumper service check, which included replacing an alternator and re-packing the fire pump. The truck is a 1996 model.
  • The fire department is looking into grants to add a newer truck in the next couple of years.
  • Kyle Prather is now a licensed paramedic with the fire department. He will be the eighth paramedic on the department’s staff.
  • The Council agreed to purchase the land near field No. 5 of Sam Bentley Ball Park from Kyle Porter for $10,000 an acre.
  • Polly Harrell was given five days to clean up around her property before the city comes and cleans it up and puts a lien on the house. She is one of several residents that will be receiving similar notices in the coming days. According to the Council, the people getting notices have had ample time and warnings about the properties in question.
  • The next scheduled meeting has been moved to Sept. 4 due to it falling on a holiday.
  • The planning commission minutes from its July 3 meeting were approved.
  • It was approved to pay the bills and transfer the funds.