Auction helps raise funds for trip to nationals

Published 6:29 pm Friday, August 17, 2018

Thorsby FFA held an auction and steak dinner at the Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center on Aug. 16 to raise money for their trip to compete at nationals in Indianapolis in October.

Three teams from Thorsby have earned a shot at a national title in the categories of meat, nursery-landscape and envirothon.

“I hope that people understand how important this is to us,” Thorsby FFA president Adi Niamon said.

Niamon is competing in nursery/landscape, which means that she will have to use a chainsaw as part of the demonstration process.

According to Niamon, she could not have imagined reaching the heights that the Thorsby FFA program has achieved when she initially got into it years ago.

Making trips to nationals has now become an annual event and a tradition of sorts for Thorsby FFA.

“You never think that you would get used to something like that, but we just expect to win,” Niamon said. “We have to work really hard to not take it for granted.”

Nationals are held each year in Indianapolis, which is a difference from the small town atmosphere of Thorsby, and is another unique experience for many of the students.

“It’s nice to see, and we’re there for a week,” Niamon said. “There’s always something to do, and there’s people everywhere. It took us some getting used to, but I’m glad we get the chance to go.”

It is the second consecutive year that Rylie Scarbrough will compete on the national stage.

“It’s very intimidating, but once you get in there around people that are like you, it brings a calm over you,” Scarbrough said.

Several residents and public figures from throughout the county attended the event in a show of support and recognition of Thorsby FFA’s success.

“Every little thing that I’ve done has led up to this moment,” Scarbrough said. “It was definitely worth it. I’ve realized how much I am capable of.”