TFD looking to utilize drill field

Published 3:02 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thorsby’s new Fire Chief James Conner updated the town council of some of the things that are going on in the fire department during its meeting on Aug. 6.

One of Conner’s first objectives is to once again utilize the drill field that the department has.

“It’s in good shape, but it’s just general maintenance and touching up some stuff,” Conner said. “Over the last couple of years they’ve kind of gotten away from teaching a lot of classes for the county and state. We’re trying to get back to where we can offer those classes.”

With the drill field, the Thorsby Fire Department is considered as an extension training center, which means that they can get approved to offer training classes through the Alabama Fire College.

“It will not only better the Thorsby Fire Department, but also the county and other departments throughout the state,” Conner said.

According to Conner, having a drill field is a unique thing to have in the county.

The drill field is capable of live fire simulation and has a roughly four-story tall tower that can be used for repelling exercises.

The fire college is scheduled to do an evaluation of the drill field as part of the approval process.

If the field is approved, Conner plans to offer a bridge program in January 2019, which is designed as an entry-level course for certified volunteer fire fighters seeking fire fighter I/II certification.

Conner also informed the Council that the fire investigation of the Littleton’s building is still ongoing.

According to Conner, a lot of tin and debris was sorted through on Aug. 6, but no source of the fire has been found. Dispatch tapes and more information is continuing to roll in.

In other news from the meeting:

  • The Council approved a motion to get a short-term loan to go with a FEMA reimbursement as part of the process of paying for the completed storm shelter.
  • Larry Corbern was hired to fill a position with the Thorsby Police Department. He will be taking the place of Billy Scarbrough, who will serve as SRO at Thorsby School.
  • Adam Bice was hired to fill a full-time vacancy with the public utilities department, which will include learning to operate the town’s garbage truck.
  • The mayor informed the Council of the interest shown by Chilton County E911 to do a five-year step plan that will increase what the town pays for the service.
  • Neil Benson was unable to attend the meeting.
  • It was approved to pay the bills and transfer the funds.