Hope for the weary: Local author’s book offers strength to busy Christians

Published 11:16 am Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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Clanton resident Tamara Harris Boman recently released a book rich with spiritual wisdom to impart to Christian readers seeking deeper relationships with God and desiring to hear his voice clearly despite busy schedules.

“Flesh and Spirit: The Power of Renewing Your Mind,” according to its author, “teaches the core values of walking after the spirit and not the flesh.”

The Bible describes a war inside each person: the flesh man versus the spirit man, Boman explained.

The flesh is described as the carnal aspect of a person consigned to gratifying natural desires, whereas the spirit is described as the eternal aspect called to be made into the spiritual likeness of God.

A person’s life is shaped the most by the aspect that is “fed” the most, Boman explained.

“This book stretches your mind to nurture your spirit, an everlasting part of you, versus flesh, the temporal outer covering,” Boman said.

“Flesh and Spirit” explores how to feed the spirit man by spending time with God in prayer, praise, worship, fasting and meditation.

“Psalm 1 tells us to meditate on the word of God,” Boman said. “This book shows you how to do things in small partitions of time and work your way up, even if you’re a busy person.”

Sections address fruits of the spirit, spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare, while training readers to operate in and interact with all three on a regular basis.

Boman said she decided to write “Flesh and Spirit” when God told her to, showing her the need for its instruction.

“The reason that the Lord told me it was so special to him that I write this book was because in this season right now a lot of people are tired. They’re drained spiritually. They’re looking for ways to commune with him in a high-power situation; they want to feel him, they want to see him, they want to know that he really exists,” Boman said. “They read the Bible, they go to church, they worship — but they’re looking for something electrifying. They want to know that God is what he is.”

The book uses biblical scripture and Boman’s personal testimony to guide readers to the spiritual waters they crave.

“I had to use what the Lord had been showing me,” she said. “One of the main reasons I wrote this book specifically was because years ago, I started having dreams. And I would have the dream, and the dream would come true … On about that sixth dream, I got scared to death … It was like, ‘I can’t believe this is true! I can’t believe this is happening.’”

Boman said God gave her these dreams, and they increased and intensified the more she sought Jesus Christ.

“Why are we going to church and reading about these things, and (yet) we deny the power thereof?” she had asked God prior to writing the book. “So, he (God) said, ‘Write this book. Write it on the table, and make it plain.’”

According to Boman, “Flesh and Spirit” explores authentic, present-day demonstrations of Acts 1:8, in which Jesus tells his followers prior to his ascension, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you.”

“The book teaches that after feeding your spirit, the power (of God) will fall upon you, and a renewing of the mind takes place — and this is how your life is forever changed,” Boman said. “Your flesh does not rule; the spirit does, and it will be on fire for the Lord.”


“Flesh and Spirit: The Power of Renewing Your Mind” by Tamara Harris Boman is available for $12.99 (includes shipping) online through PayPal under the “Web Store” tab at nosoul-leftbehind.com.

Boman, along with her husband and small team, lead a local ministry called Waters of Everlasting Life. Together, the team preaches, ministers to prisoners in the Chilton County Jail and offers prayer for anyone who asks.

For more information, visit nosoul-leftbehind.com.