Teens face their fear through taste testing

Published 1:07 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

By SARAH GRAHAM/ For the Advertiser

At the Chilton/Clanton Public Library, teens came to try mystery foods to challenge their taste buds as a part of Fear Factor Food Tasting on July 9.

Whoever lasted the longest would be the winner.

The teens brought their A game as five out of six contestants lasted through the final round tying for first place.

The contestants were Amelia Kirkland, Elijah Crawford, Serenity Reed, Lexus Thomas, Addie Newton and Eva Connell.

“This is just for fun,” Savannah Kitchens, library director, said.

The gist was that all the participants would grab a plate, spoon, napkin and spot at the table as Kitchens brought out a course of mystery items.

The contestants could look at the mystery item and choose to taste it or not.

In order to stay in the game, they had to at least try the item and if they refused they were out.

The mystery item was announced each round after all contestants tried it.

These items included: vegetable beef baby food, roasted seaweed, spam, marmite (Australian dish of yeast extract taken out of fermented barley), tofu, mushroom noodles, sardines, guava paste and rice pudding.

Everything was served cold. Participants responded with phrases “It’s squishy” and “Is it cat food?” when trying the spam.

The one participate that dropped out was when the sardines were served.

All participates were also required to sign a paper before the contest confirming to the best of their knowledge they had no food allergies consisting of fish, soy, milk, tree nuts, eggs and wheat.

The next activity on Aug. 21 will be a teen Oreo challenge trying different types of Oreos and voting on their favorite.

More more information go to www.chiltonclantonlibrary.org or call at (205)755-1768.