CAEC to host broadband internet survey

Published 12:55 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

By SARAH GRAHAM/ For the Advertiser

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative is hosting a broadband internet survey through the end of the year.

Questions such as, “Do you currently have internet service and are you satisfied,” and “How did you hear about this,” will be asked along with name and address of the participant.

At the end of the survey, $25 is required to show how serious of an interest there is in this project moving forward.

It is fully refundable if the project does not go through.

If it does, the $25 will take the place of a connection fee, allowing high speed internet connection with no additional fee added.

“We need people to let us know if there is a general interest,” Julie Young, vice president and business and administrative services of Central Alabama Electric Cooperative, said.

Some would be connected earlier than others depending on the living area.

According to Young, the hope is to benefit people that live in more rural areas that do not have the option for broadband.

In Alabama more than 842,000 people do not have access to wired connection of 25 mbps download speeds, according to the Office of the Governor Kay Ivey.

Ivey signed the Alabama Broadcast Accessibility Act on March 28.

According to Young, depending on the level of feedback, the Board is in the position to make the final decision.

There would be a core ring constructed over time connecting all substations and offices into a backbone system.

From there, it would go out to connect individuals and businesses.

The website would end up being the primary location, updates, and monitoring center of where construction would be taking place.

Additional information about internet options, if a plan is implemented, will be available through bill inserts for members, postcards and additional publicity.