The Wash in Clanton completes renovations

Published 4:05 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2018

By J.R. Tidwell / Editor

The Wash automatic car wash in Clanton has recently completed renovations to the facility that will bring some new features to local customers.

Co-owners Eric Smith and Bobby Halbrooks expanded the business to other cities and wanted to bring certain services from them to Clanton.

“We have grown from two employees to 38 across multiple locations in different cities,” Smith said. “Throughout that process we have come across new technology and new innovations. One of those innovations is monthly wash clubs. We built a facility in Millbrook and just finished one in Montgomery. (Wash clubs) have been a huge success for us (in those locations), and we wanted to bring that to Clanton. To do that, we had to link our systems together. Customers who purchase club memberships here can use them at our other locations.”

The wash clubs range in price from $9.95 a month up to $19.95 a month.

Another feature that Smith and Halbrooks noticed working at other locations was customers having access to free vacuums after purchasing a wash, so they brought that concept to the Clanton location as well.

“One thing we came across in this journey is customers love strong vacuums,” Smith said. “We started in Millbrook with very powerful vacuums with different cleaning nozzles, and we had that same success in Montgomery. We wanted to bring that here to Clanton as well.”

The Wash first opened in Clanton in 2012 after Smith and Halbrooks began working with a neighbor.

“We saw an opportunity to bring a new business model to Clanton, the three-minute express wash,” Smith said. “We took advantage of that in June of 2012, and we have done that since.”

Halbrooks and Smith used to work in the detailing industry, and both said modern products and techniques, especially the hot wax they offer at The Wash, are much better then in years past.

“Our hot wax, I feel like, is the best that you can buy,” Halbrooks said. “We have been in the business since the mid ’90s, and the technology then to now is completely different. The protection type products we offered then really are just so outdated it is unreal. The wax we provide now builds on itself. It leaves a slickness on your car that will build. It’s a fantastic product.”

Smith backed up Halbrooks’ assessment.

“If you would have told me 10 years ago that the hot wax product we have going on cars through the tunnel now is as good as the wax I put on vehicles by hand then, I would have laughed,” he said. “The truth of the matter is it’s better.”

The Wash is located at 1801 Seventh St. N.