Poll worker, inspector class to be held ahead of runoff

Published 2:35 pm Monday, July 9, 2018

By J.R. Tidwell / Editor

A poll worker class and inspector class will be held in the large courtroom at the Chilton County Courthouse on July 10 at 6 p.m.

The class is being held ahead of the Primary runoff elections being held on July 17.

According to Probate Judge Bobby Martin, the class is held to make sure those working the polls during the election are comfortable with their duties.

One thing that will be discussed during the class will be the new polling pads voters used to sign in during the Primary election on June 5.

Poll workers will be able to give more feedback on the use of the new system. So far, using the polling pads has proved to be both successful and popular.

“The poll workers took to it and liked it,” Martin said of the new polling pads. “During the last election we made people sign in like they always have, then the poll worker has a sign-in sheet to right their name down. Then (the voter) had to sign the iPad. This time we are not going to have voters use the sign-in sheet. They will sign in on the iPad. Then the poll worker will write their name down on their list to have a backup in case something happens to the iPad.”

There will also be a demonstration of the DS200 voting machine and Automark handicap machine that will once again be used in the runoff.

These are the same machines that have been used in previous elections, including the June 5 Primary, but state law requires a class be held.

“We have to make sure people are comfortable with (using them),” Martin said.

The class will be held on July 10 at noon at the Clanton Facility Building located at 309 First St. N.

One of the handful of elections that will be present on the Republican Primary runoff ballot will be the race between Jason Calhoun and Rex Cleckler for Martin’s probate judge position.

“Both men that are running are good people,” Martin said. “That’s a good thing. I would feel comfortable with either. I can add to or take away from either one of them. They both have a good reputation.”