IHS lineman earns recognition at Saban camp

Published 4:33 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

Isabella’s Anthony Fjeldstad will be heading into his sophomore season with an extra level of confidence after attending the Nick Saban Crimson Tide Football Camp June 17-19.

Fjeldstad was one of about 400 high school players from throughout the country to take part in the camp.

It was the first camp that he had been to, and he left it with a better understanding of technique and knowledge of the game.

“It was pretty tough,” Fjeldstad said. “After that first day, your whole body was sore.”

Fjeldstad plays along the defensive line, and as a result all of the drills he was involved in focused on the aspects pertaining to that position.

He was one of 40 players to be selected to the All-Saban team, which pinpointed players that had stood out over the three days with their effort and leadership.

“When I heard my name, I was surprised and excited,” Fjeldstad said. “To get that means a lot. It shows them and other coaches of how good I could be.”

Playing football at the college level is a goal for Fjeldstad. Receiving a certificate in the first camp that he attended is a good first step and something that he wants to continue to build upon.

He has been playing along the defensive front since he got into football at an early age. The physical nature of playing in the trenches is what Fjeldstad enjoys most.

“I love hitting someone,” Fjeldstad said. “The excitement whenever you get a sack is just so fun. You got to have the love for it.”

According to Fjeldstad, it was an interesting experience to work with college coaches and get their insight.

One of the most drastic improvements that he underwent was with his stance and technique off the line of scrimmage.

“I found out that my knees were bent in and my butt was too low in my stance,” Fjeldstad said. “When your butt is high you’re shooting down, which means that you go faster around the guard or tackle.”

Something that Fjeldstad continues to work on is his speed and quickness at the snap.

According to Fjeldstad, finding the right mixture of speed and strength is key to the success of a defensive lineman.

He plans to attend another camp hosted by the University of Southern Mississippi on July 27. It is considered an elite camp, which is often where players can earn a star ranking that can be used in the recruiting process.