New automatic car wash opening in Clanton

Published 2:22 pm Wednesday, June 27, 2018

By J.R. Tidwell / Editor

Motorists traveling down Seventh Street S. in Clanton have likely seen a new two-story automatic car wash, dubbed Peachy Clean, being built next door to Wendy’s near Walmart.

Owner Cebo Craig purchased the self-service car wash on the site in 2015, and later on decided to add a state-of-the-art automatic wash to the property.

“We decided to add the tunnel because of the way things are going,” Craig said. “These are the hottest new car washes out there. They are building them everywhere. We want to try and stay ahead of the curve.”

The automatic wash will include many features that customers may be used to, including tire brushes to clean wheels, tire shine, Rain-X and paint sealant.

However, there are a few things that will set Peachy Clean apart from other similar sites.

The first and most obvious feature is the two-story design of Peachy Clean’s tunnel.

“There are probably 10 or so (similar tunnels) around the Southeast right now,” Craig said. “Maybe less than that. Most of them are down in Miami. Our equipment people just built one in Daphne. It gives you a lot more room on your site. It’s a presence unto itself; you can’t miss it. I’d never seen one until I saw the one they built in Daphne.”

Peachy Clean will also be offering monthly membership clubs, which Craig says is “new to here.”

“It is kind of like a gym membership,” he said. “You pay a monthly fee that depends on what wash package you want, then you can come out here and wash every day. We put a little RFID reader in your car, then it opens up and you can come right on in.”

Craig said all told the automatic wash will take about three minutes to complete.

“This equipment is brand new and the latest stuff you can get,” he said. “None of them take care of themselves. Everybody jokes that you just go down there and pick up the quarters. Yeah, along with five yards of trash and all kinds of things. They are mechanical, so there is always something to work on. We will have attendants here all the time.”

Craig plans on hosting a soft opening on June 28 to help get Peachy Clean up and running.

“We will set up a Facebook page and announce it on there and put some signs up,” he said. “We will get everything fine tuned.”