Humane Society discusses finances

Published 1:26 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

By SARAH GRAHAM/ For the Advertiser

The Humane Society of Chilton County board of directors discussed financial concerns during its June 14 meeting.

There are some bills that are overdue putting them a total of $21,510.63 in debt.

The organization had three accounts Demand 0001 (fundraising) with $2,996.67 in it, Demand 0002 (payroll, unemployment, taxes) with $5,282.13 in it and Demand 0003 (earmarked donations) with a total of $1,104.42 in it.

A unanimous decision was made to make Demand 0001 and Demand 0002 into one account calling it General Fund which would have $8,278.80 in it.

Merging the accounts eliminates the need to transfer funds from one account to the other to cover expenses. Donations given for a specific need, such as pet food, will remain in a separate account to ensure it is only spent on those items.

Helms also requested reports from PayPal and Square weekly to keep track.

According to the agenda provided, an “immediate change to be made is to make sure monies from these accounts are placed in the bank accounts during the month they are received.”

The board was also given a copy of the bylaws with possible changes to review. A discussion and vote is expected at a future meeting.

The total intake at the shelter for the month of May was 257. Owner surrenders were 201, 31 were strays and 25 were transferred in. Of these, 111 were from Clanton, 23 from Jemison, 26 from Thorsby, 16 from Maplesville, three from Montevallo, six from Verbena, 15 from the unincorporated  portion of the county and not specified was 57.

The total outcome was 212 with 15 adoptions, five were returned to owners, 185 were transferred out to rescue. Only one animal was euthanized and six died in shelter.

The Humane Society’s Mother’s Spay Event on May 26, raised $2,390 made giving back to the community possible in 30 free dog spay vouchers, and 34 free cat spay vouchers from their giveaway.

This was possible thanks to the sponsors of Stokes Chevrolet, Shelby Concrete, Key Properties and Martin Funeral Home.