E-9-1-1 looking to hire 2 dispatchers

Published 11:31 am Thursday, June 14, 2018

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Chilton County E-9-1-1 is hiring for two positions as full-time dispatchers.

Experience and the abilities to multitask and read maps is preferred but not required to be hired for the position, since on-the-job training will be provided.

Candidates are paid from day one of job training.

Dispatchers earn a starting salary of $13.81 per hour, working 12-hour shifts 14 times per month.

“It does take a special person to be able to do the shift work,” Wright said. “We work 12 hour shifts, nights, holidays, weekends.”

Currently, dispatchers have every other weekend off work.

“It’s definitely a career decision to make,” Wright said. “We have people here that never imagined that they would be doing this as their career, but love what they do.”

Benefits include paid employee insurance, paid vacation, paid sick time, paid holiday time after one year of employment, advancement opportunities, a climate controlled work environment and a salary range of $31,597.28 to $41,229.76.

Applicants must take the CritiCall dispatcher test administered by Chilton County E-9-1-1 to be considered for hire.

“That test measures the candidate’s ability to multitask, remember-recall, map reading, typing, everything,” Wright said. ”It’s a well-rounded test for what we do … It’s nothing against the person taking the test, it’s just that this job is not for everybody.”

Wright described the position as fast-paced, ever-changing and very fluid.

“You come to work every day never knowing what you’re going to experience. But in that, you also have the ability every day to make a true difference in somebody’s life.”

A full list of qualifications, requirements and expectations for the position can be found on the online application page at chilton911.org under the “Employment” tab. Applications and uploaded resumes can be submitted there.

For more information, call the administrative office at (205) 755-0911.

Chilton County E-9-1-1 is located in the basement of the Chilton County Courthouse at 500 Second Ave. N. in Clanton.