CCHS creates new logos

Published 3:57 pm Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chilton County High School is now its own brand after a redesign of its logos.

The school will still be called the Tigers, and the colors will remain blue and orange, but the appearance of the logos has changed.

“It’s not trying to change who we are,” CCHS athletic director Tal Morrison said. “When we’re out wearing something, we want people to know it is the Chilton County brand. They don’t have to ask.”

Previously CCHS athletic department had been using a knockoff of the Clemson University “tiger paw” as its primary logo.

According to Morrison, the school had received letters in the past from both Clemson University and Auburn University regarding the use of certain logos that were deemed unique to those institutions.

A committee of school faculty, administration, athletic boosters and local leaders were assembled to help in the selection process of the logos.

The result was the design of eight new logos to be used by all teams in the athletic department.

One of eight new logos that the CCHS athletic department will have to choose from moving forward. (Contributed photo)

“It was to get everybody under the same banner,” Morrison said. “We want unity and everyone heading in the same direction.”

The advantage of becoming a brand is that the logos are trademarked and are the sole property of Chilton County High School.

The new logos are a positive step for CCHS as they provide both the school and the athletic department a signature appearance that is their own.

“We wanted something that is ours and that people can take a lot of pride in,” Morrison said.