Projects receive preliminary approval

Published 1:51 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/Senior Staff Writer

A multipurpose building for Clanton Church of God and a restaurant addition to the Exxon near Interstate 65, Exit 208 are one step closer to becoming a reality after receiving preliminary plan approval from the Clanton Planning Commission on June 12.

Jimmy Mims of Clanton Church of God said the building was something the church had wanted to do for three and a half years.

“We have outgrown our existing fellowship hall,” Mims said.

He said the additional building would also provide new opportunities for ministry.

Planning Commission member Jeff Mims asked if there was a plan to put a brick facade on the metal building.

Jimmy Mims said it was not a part of the design.

Jeff Mims said it would be nice if brick could be added to the lower portion of the front of the building to make it match the church’s other buildings.

Planning Commission members also expressed concerns about rain water runoff from the site.

John Gilbert of Active Building Construction said the water would follow the same runoff as existing storm water. Jimmy Mims said existing storm drainage pipes in the area have been sufficient in the past.

However, the increase in volume and speed of the water created after the building is constructed caused some concern among Planning Commission members.

“If water comes and runs across the road, you are going to have to take care of it,” Jimmy Mims said.

The multipurpose building is going to be a few feet higher than the existing buildings.

Approval was given contingent on specifications for the metal building and HVAC engineered drawings being brought to a future meeting.

The brick facade was not listed as a requirement.

Bryant Milam presented information on the restaurant addition project.

A name for the eatery has not been selected.

Planning Commission members asked if there was enough room for parking and for tractor trailers to still get into the parking lot. Milam said there are already several parking spaces along the side of the building, and there would still be room for a tractor trailer to navigate the turns.

A rezoning for 103 First Ave. N. from R-2 Single Family/ Two family Residential District to O-1 Office Building District was also approved for recommendation to Clanton City Council. The City Council must also approve the rezoning before it can go into effect. The former house will be used as a contractor’s office.