Eateries develop positive reputation with perfect scores

Published 3:28 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

A handful of restaurants have received a 100 rating from the Chilton County Health Department within the past couple of months.

The eating establishments include Farmhouse Café, Peach Park Express, Vertillo Pizza and Grill, Subway in Jemison and Jack’s located at 2103 Seventh St. S. in Clanton.

Perfect health scores are not just handed out, but take a lot of work and dedication to garner such a report.

It has become common of late to have a perfect score sitting at the top of the list during the health department’s weekly reports.

That is a good sign for everyone involved, as both restaurant owners and customers benefit from such ratings.

Health scores are one of the quickest ways for a restaurant to develop a reputation within the community. However, that reputation can be either positive or negative depending on which way the score favors.

One thing for certain is that a perfect score is no fluke and should be something that the county should be proud of anytime a business can pull it off.

Three of the restaurants are from the North Chilton area, which is a good sign for a community that continues to grow in terms of the amount of eateries available for residents.

Restaurants must post its most recent health rating in a visible location for guests to see.

Many times the documents are posted near the cash register. This could be important information when choosing the next place that you and your family eat out.