Quotable: Thorsby baseball advances to third round

Published 5:24 pm Monday, May 7, 2018

The following are quotes from Thorsby baseball players after the Rebels’ victory over Falkville in the second round of the state playoffs May 3.

Tanner Jones

“We’re trying to make it all the way and bring home some jewelry.”


“We focus on our team and not on ourselves. That is what makes us successful.”

Tucker Patterson

“You just have to keep everything going on in the stands out of your head. Focus on you, the batter and the catcher.”


“We’ve worked too hard to fail right now.”

Chase Birchfield

“This is a dream come true. We’ve got something special going on here.”

Jacob Lockhart

“There’s always some kind of pressure in the last inning. We always seem to overcome it.”

Tyler Jackson

“As a team, we thrive with our crowd behind us. There’s nothing like the last pitch when everybody’s clapping and just going crazy.”

Trent Jones

“I don’t normally get warmed up until the third inning. That’s when I start bumping and grooving and feeling like $1 million out there.”


“If I can have early strikes in a count and not walk as many people, I’m sitting perfect.”