Senior Spotlight: Kirkland Polk enjoyed welding program

Published 9:05 am Friday, May 4, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Although Kirkland Polk will graduate with Chilton County High School, his school days of senior year have been spent at the LeCroy Career Technical Center.

Polk chose the LeCroy Academy route meaning he takes all of his classes, even core subjects at Lecroy, rather than going back to CCHS for classes.

“I didn’t want anything easy,” Polk said “I wanted to test my skills.”

He felt the program would give him a chance to focus on what he wanted to do. Attending the Academy has meant smaller class sizes and more time to finish assignments.

He is a part of the welding program and has tested for his 3G welding certification. Polk said he is not sure when he will find out if he passed. Welding instructor Daniel Gilliland said this is an entry level welding certification.

He became interested in welding because he had family members that were in the field.

For Polk, “meeting new people from different schools and getting to communicate with everybody has been what he has enjoyed most about his time at LeCroy.”

Even when his classes are over, Polk can often be found in the welding shop on campus.

“He spends a lot of time (working) when he doesn’t have to,” Gilliland said. “Kirkland is a really hard worker.”

Projects for the class have included working on a trailer, a mower and grills. Polk’s favorite was the trailer.

“We made it wider and taller and put new stuff on it,” Polk said.

Polk said students considering applying for a program at LeCroy should do so.

“It teaches you a lot, makes you a better person in interviews and helping people,” Polk said. “And you get to meet a lot of new people from different schools.”

Polk was an alternate for the LeCroy welding team during a competition at Wallace State Community College.

“It’s been a great pleasure meeting all my students and faculty,” Polk said.

He plans to attend Wallace State for their pipeline welding courses or go straight into a job in welding after graduation. He plans to apply to a boilermaker job that offers additional training.

He said he was also interested in welding jobs in construction or machinery.