Ministry dedicates prayer room to Chilton prayers

Published 2:01 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018


After four years of taking Christian ministry “to the field,” Waters of Everlasting Life is taking Chilton County prayers to its new Prayer Room.

“Waters of Everlasting Life’s Prayer Room is vibrantly aglow every Thursday and Friday night for those needing prayer,” according to Tamara Boman of Waters of Everlasting Life.

Boman and her husband transformed a room in their home into a prayer room, complete with Gospel music, candles, incense, Christian literature, crosses and more.

“It’s a personal space in our living quarters dedicated solely to people who have asked us to pray — people who have called us, emailed us, via word of mouth through others to tell them to pray for us,” Boman said.

“And they give us something specific that they’re looking for,” she said.

Example prayer requests include prayer about breakthrough, bondage, family problems or seeking a job promotion, Boman said.

“Whatever it is, our relationship to this prayer room is to make sure we get these prayers in, that we come together, light our candles, bow our heads.”

Ministry team members pray specific prayers over the requests and often keep the prayers for a while.

While the room is not open to the public, it welcomes prayer requests from Chilton County residents.

Prayer requests can be mailed to P.O. Box 1242, Clanton, AL 35046.

According to Boman, Waters of Everlasting Life is a locally-formed ministry that takes God’s work “to the field,” its members reaching community members by preaching, praying and partnering with other local ministries, such as Through The Grace of God Ministries.

“There has to be people that are willing to go out … to find that one that is looking and desperately needs intercession and someone to pray with and read the word to them,” Boman said.

Prison ministry is a major impact zone for the group.

“We have people that really need an alternative approach to reaching God, because they’re looking for access; That’s the main thing people are wanting right now,” Boman said.

“So, our ministry is like that little, small David out here making a difference and fitting into that little niche that’s needed for those people that are not getting visitations at the nursing home, that are not getting visitations at the jail, and [we are] getting the word of God and getting prayers to the throne,” Boman said. “ That’s what we’re here for. We’re very much needed out here.”

Boman said the prayer room has been specially consecrated to the Lord, and the ministry strives to maintain a stock of important resources and instruments for people in need — such as Christian living books, CDs of Boman’s blog talk show messages, traveling crosses and oil.

In the future, Boman said Waters of Everlasting Life hopes to provide a worship facility for the community to enjoy.

“We try to meet the need that’s out there for those that maybe can’t go to church and for those that do that need just a little extra,” she said.