Jones signs to play basketball at Gadsden State

Published 4:42 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mondez Jones has been a force on the basketball court for Chilton County High School in recent years. He will look to continue that at the next level after signing to play at Gadsden State Community College on March 12.

“Finally, all the work paid off,” Jones said. “Most people don’t get the chance to sign and play college ball. It’s a blessing, and I’m going to make good on it.”

According to Jones, playing the largest role in his final decision was that in his visits to Gadsden State, the campus and coaching staff felt like a family similar to the environment at CCHS.

“They welcomed me there,” Jones said.

Jones started playing competitive basketball when he was 12 years old.

“I wasn’t always good at it,” Jones said. “I just practiced and kept working at it.”

The possibility of playing at the next level became a reality for Jones during his junior year of high school.

That was when college coaches started showing up to games more frequently, and the path to continue playing the game he loved was clearer than it ever had been.

Several of Jones’ teammates were there to congratulate him after he signed. (Photo by Anthony Richards)

“Character takes you a long way,” CCHS head coach Deon Timmons said. “His [Jones] character was one of the things that the [Gadsden State] coach really liked.”

Several of Jones’ teammates were on hand to watch the signing take place. They were quick to congratulate him and share in the special moment afterward.

Jones used a physical style to get to the rim and did not shy away from contact during his high school career.

Jones was not the most boisterous player on the court. Instead he let his performance speak for itself.

“He’s not a very vocal leader, but he’s a kid that lives by example both academically and athletically,” Timmons said.

According to Jones, his ball-handling skills are the aspect of his game that he has worked on the most while in high school. He looks to continue improving his jump shot at the next level.

“He’s just been impeccable,” Timmons said. “His work ethic has been awesome, and he’s been a leader on the court as well as off.”