Heart of Dixie 2018 a ‘great success’

Published 3:03 pm Wednesday, February 28, 2018


The 20th annual Heart of Dixie Pageant and Most Photogenic Contest on Feb. 24 was dubbed a great success after raising significant funds to purchase uniforms for the expanding Jemison Blue Regiment Band.

The Heart of Dixie contests are the band’s second biggest fundraiser.

“We haven’t calculated the exact results, but it’s looking like we will have another significant contribution to our budget from the Heart of Dixie Pageant,” pageant director Gillian Bittle said.

According to Bittle, 71 contestants competed.

It was a year for the new, introducing a brand-new Pageant Sweetheart title to each major age group and opening contest participation to out-of-state contestants.

“We would like to think that we’re drawing others into our community, too, to enjoy something like this together,” Bittle said.

The Pageant Sweetheart title was awarded to a single contestant from each major age group (zero to 11 years and 12-21 years) who raised the most money.

“It added significantly to our total profit, so we’re very thankful for those who participated in Pageant Sweetheart,” Bittle said.

Through both 2018 Pageant Sweethearts, a total of $700 was added to the overall pageant profit, according to Kandie Roop of the Heart of Dixie pageant.

Bittle said a pageant volunteer suggested the idea for Pageant Sweetheart, and she anticipates a return of the Pageant Sweetheart contest in following years—although under new leadership.
After five years of directing the pageant, Bittle will “turn over the reins” next year to another pageant volunteer.

She said she has enjoyed her time as director and looks forward to the new season for Heart of Dixie, under new leadership and with new contestants after some graduate.

Bittle thanked all contributors to the success of the 20th annual Heart of Dixie Pageant and Miss Photogenic Contest.

“All of the volunteers did a great job, and then our parents and contestants were all very amiable and worked well with us to have a great, successful pageant,” Bittle said.

Heart of Dixie 2018 winners include:

  • Miss Collegiate Dixie, 16-21 years old: Celeste Montgomery. Most Photogenic: Genia Elizabeth Jones.
  • Junior Miss Dixie, 12-15 years old: Allison Giles (also Most Photogenic).
  • Little Dixie Miss, 10-11 years: Tristan Raye Lee. Most Photogenic: Kenleigh Marie Smith (also First Alternate).
  • Little Dixie, 8-9 years old: Lexi-Kate Hayes (also Most Photogenic).
  • Darling Dixie, 6-7 years old: Blaire Paisleigh Adams. Most Photogenic: Kimber Ann Ray (also Third Alternate).
  • Tiny Dixie, 4-5 years old: Hogan Ordis. Most Photogenic: Chaselynn Adams (also Fourth Alternate).
  • Tiniest Dixie, 2-3 years old: Hazel Moody. Most Photogenic: Khloe Nicole Blalock (also Fourth Alternate).
  • Precious Dixie, zero to 23 months old: Luna Belle Horton. Most Photogenic: Kashlynn Taylor Burton.
  • Pageant Sweethearts: Abby Grace Johnson and Allison Giles.

For more information or for further Heart of Dixie updates, please visit the Heart of Dixie Pageant Facebook page.