Sweet creativity kicks off teen library program

Published 3:39 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Clanton/Chilton Public Library had a sweet start to its teen programs with a candy sushi activity on Feb. 20.

“This is our first teen program,” Kitchens said. “We are hoping to do something like this once a month.”

She said the events will be geared toward sixth grade and older, but younger siblings are always welcome.

Kitchens said she was inspired by another library that held the event.

Attendee Wesley Smith said she had come to other events at the library, but this was her first time making candy sushi.

“I used Fruit Roll up, Rice Krispy treats, gummy worms and Twizzlers,” Smith said.

Gummy worms and Twizzlers were wrapped in Rice Krispy Treats, then wrapped in Fruit Roll up. The log was then sliced to resemble a piece of sushi.

She said she had never had real sushi, but making the candy variety was fun.

Attendee Darcy Brock said the Fruit Rollup was used to imitate the seaweed wrap on a piece of sushi.

Some teens used Swedish Fish to look like sashimi on top of a piece of Rice Krispy Treat.

Attendee Sophie Wright made an egg roll by wrapping Fruit Rollup all the way around gummy worms and Rice Krispy Treats.

Attendee Natalie Wright said the activity was “a lot of fun to make, and its sweet and delicious.”

It was sometimes difficult to get all of the components to stay together.

Attendee Zach Vinson said it was his first time making the sweet treat, and he enjoyed it.

“I always like getting hands-on stuff, and then any hands-on activity with food is so much more fun,” Kitchens said.

She said she also enjoyed watching the creativity on the teenagers.