Father/daughter dance benefits Raleigh’s Place

Published 2:49 pm Monday, February 19, 2018


Raleigh’s Place hosted its inaugural Father/Daughter Banquet fundraiser on Feb. 17, featuring a fun-filled evening of dancing, activities and dress-up inside a hand-built fairy tale castle at the Raleigh’s Place dining facility.

Sharon King, co-founder of Raleigh’s Place, said the father/daughter dance is replacing the adult prom Raleigh’s Place traditionally hosted each year.

“Since we’re a ministry that cares for the fatherless, we wanted to have a fundraiser that honors fathers,” King said.

At the banquet, King recognized the fathers, grandfathers and uncles with a warm welcome and thanks for the impactful role they play in the girls’ lives.

Brayla Headley, who attended the banquet with her uncle Shane Baer, said she had never been to a father-daughter dance.

“Never in my life!” she said, adding that it was special for her to get dressed up for the event in an outfit her uncle bought her the day before. “I really like it,” she said, showing off her new dress.

For Kinsley Collum and her grandfather Bill Davis, the father/daughter dance was the first event they attended together as just the two of them.

Kinsley said she was having a good time and smiled next to her beaming grandfather.

Throughout the evening, little girls and their fathers danced, took pictures with props by the hand-built castle, played games and enjoyed a chicken finger dinner with a variety of desserts.

“It’s fun,” King said at the event. “It’s good to see fathers having a good time and caring for their kids.”

King said funds raised by the event will be used for bathhouse construction for the foster ministry’s summer camp Camp 1:27.

For more information about Raleigh’s Place or to book the Raleigh’s Place dining facility venue, call (205) 755-9615 or visit raleighsplace.org.