Prattville man apprehended in cross-county chase

Published 3:25 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018


An armed Prattville man was arrested in Chilton County on domestic violence charges after a lengthy police chase on Jan. 2.

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office received word of the pursuit around 9:30 p.m. The suspect was on the run from law enforcement after threatening to kill his family with a firearm, according to CCSO Sheriff John Shearon.

Shearon said that during the phone call reporting the incident to CCSO, the suspect was “jumped” by a nearby individual witnessing his menacing behavior.

“That’s when he took off,” Shearon said.

The suspect was then pursued by law enforcement, including Chilton County and Autauga County deputies, on County Roads 57 and 59.

“One of our deputies spiked his vehicle there on County Road 57 at Postell’s [grocery] store. I think he got three tires on the vehicle, and the guy still continued,” Shearon said, commenting that the suspect progressed another four or five miles on the flat tires.

When his vehicle crashed on County Road 59 after failing to jump a curb with its single operable tire, the suspect was taken into custody, resisting the arrest.

The suspect’s name and specific charges have not been released, but Shearon said the individual was transported by Autauga deputies to the Autauga County Metro Jail, where he faces domestic violence and resisting arrest charges.

“He’s taken into custody and nobody got hurt, that’s the main thing,” Shearon said.