Martin wins inaugural shooting contest

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Daniel Martin of Jemison High School won the inaugural three-point shooting contest during the 2018 Chilton County Basketball Tournament on Jan. 5.

Martin showcased his skills from long range and outdueled Jackson Abbott of Maplesville and Jack Parnell of CCHS.

“I’m not going to lie, it was pretty nerve racking out there,” Martin said.

The three competitors took turns shooting multiple balls from both corners of the court and from the point at the top of the key.

Parnell was eliminated after the first round of attempts and Martin eliminated Abbott in the final round to take home the trophy.

According to Martin, he could feel that he was getting in more of a rhythm with every shot he took, especially in the final round.

Martin releases a shot during the final round of the three-point contest. (Photo by Anthony Richards)

In many ways, three-point shooting is an art form that certain players, such as Martin, have perfected over the years.

These sharpshooters can play a vital role in a team’s success and have the ability to completely change a game’s momentum by knocking down a few shots.

Martin had been battling the flu and had just gone to the doctor the day before going out and knocking down the most three-pointers in the contest.

It was the first time that Martin had been part of a three-point contest, and because of that his mindset was simple going in.

“Just shoot and have fun,” Martin said.

He did just that and in the process gained bragging rights as the county’s best three-point shooter.